Started in circle time on the floor with a brief intro into Kandinsky and abstract art. Read "The Noisy Paint Box: The Colors and Sounds of Kandinsky's Abstract Art", borrowed from AHPL. I then showed them a picture of some of his work including the color study. They returned to their seats where I had asked the teacher to provide crayons, scissors, and glue sticks at each desk. I turned on a Kandinsky musical medley from my Ipad. I distributed 4x6 inch pieces of card stock in different colors to each table and ask the kids to pick one. Next, I distributed pre-cut circles of construction paper and asked them to pick one and glue it to the center of their card, reminding them to focus on how the music was making them feel. Then, I distributed squares of construction paper with pre-traced smaller circles and asked them to pick a one, cut out the circle, and glue it to the center of the previous circle. Finally, I distributed small pre-cut circles of colored paper and again asked them to choose one and adhere to center of their previous circle. While we were waiting for everyone to finish, they used their crayons to add patterns and lines to their project. Once they were finished, I started placing each of their projects on a large piece of cardboard and finished this up at home, returning it to the teacher the following day. Overall, it went pretty smoothly, most kids were able to make an additional color study to take home, which I think they enjoyed but, means I probably could have pre-traced more of the circles to let them cut instead of having them pre-cut, or spent more time on the book which I slightly abridged fearing time. Overall I would say this is a great K project. Kandinksy.jpg

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